Mickey and his team of cornermen never seem to have much luck in the boxing world. The fighters they manage always end up losing and, after a disastrous last outing, no one wants to work with them.

Until, that is, they sign a young boxer whose winning ways catapult them into a world of success they’ve never had before. However, you can’t win all the time and soon Mickey has to choose between the life he’s enjoying, and the well being of his young charge. Both tragic and funny, 'Cornermen' is Smoke & Oakum’s third show.

A rare glimpse into the seedier side of professional sport; Cornermen perfectly captures the behind the scenes stories of Mickey’s team and their search for riches and adulation.

Four actors tell the tale in a dynamic performance suitable for 14 +. This fascinating play exposes what goes on outside the ring.

Date and Time

Wednesday 21 February, 7.45pm




'A right-hook out of nowhere - a real knockout' - The Stage

'A fascinating foray into an untouched world' - London Theatre


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