Present day, UK. Father walking down the street pushing a pram. He runs into a neighbour who remarks: 'Giving Mum a day off?'

After investigating motherhood in their first show 'Wonderwoman', they wanted men to talk about fatherhood. This process was not easy, and they nearly gave up. However, it would have been very difficult to make a show about fatherhood without consulting fathers. This is why they hired 2 fathers-actors to help them make the show.

In the last 100 years father’s role has undergone quite a change, but why do we still struggle in trusting a man as a primary carer and why does the law still favour the mother? Can we find some explanations in the natural world? In some animal species, the female has to protect the young from the father. Sometimes even, the female eats her mate who becomes a food source for her pregnancy. Perhaps there’s a bit of that buried in humans?

The show deals with the surprise, shock and change brought on by the expectations of fatherhood. It also addresses issues of control and supervision from a fresh point of view.

Dates and Times

Thursday 25 October, 2pm (Baby Friendly Matinee) & 7.45pm


£11 (£9 under 26 - babe in arms go free!)

Recommended ages 15+

Not Now Collective

Notnow Collective was founded by Tina Hofman and Kristina Gavran out of necessity to make their caring roles visible and explore ways of integrating parenthood into both professional practice and quality theatre experience. They are rehearsing with their children present in the rehearsal room and they offer baby-friendly matinees to audiences, making theatre accessible to parents and carers of small children. This is what they call baby-friendly and baby-proof.