Combining music, art, archive and original film with a captivating monologue, David Bramwell takes the audience on a dream-like journey in search of the ‘spirit of dark and lonely waters’. At the bequest of a ‘trusted Sheffield witch’ he travels up the Don and back through time in search of Danu, the goddess of primdordial waters, who gave her name to the Don.

From Doncaster (where he grew up) Bramwell journeys through the ladybird plague and drought of 1976 to the heavily polluted Don of Sheffield’s steel industry up into the Pennines and back into a Neolithic era when rivers were worshiped as living deities.

Starring the guest voice of author and magician Alan Moore (V for Vendetta, Watchmen), David discovers a unique forest of figs growing on the banks of the Don, explores the drowned village of Ladybower Reservoir and spots Jarvis Cocker on his own adventures, sailing down the Don in an inflatable inner tube.

David Bramwell

David is an award-winning presenter for BBC Radio 3 and 4. He made Dead Flows The Don as a 30-min feature for BBC Radio 3.

Date and Time

Friday 16 March, 7.45pm