This autobiographical, three person show combines drag performance with theatrical storytelling to build the world of Bonnie Love and The Bonnettes. Set against a backdrop of pop anthems and glitter we follow Cameron as he throws himself into a pair of 6-inch stilettos – meeting new people making both friends and foes. But not everything is as it seems and, piece by piece, the glamorous world of drag fades away.

It’s about being young, having that fire in your belly and seeing no limitations or rules. It’s the uncertainty of your own identity and the creation of a new one. It’s about finding a safe place between the two. Between boy and drag. It’s a reflection. An exorcism. A scrapbook.

We will laugh. We will cry. We will sing and we will dance.

You are bound to fall, as we drag you, into love.

Date and Time

Friday 13 April, 7.45pm


£10.50 (£9 under 26)


'It's a glittery, toe tapping, pant wetting riot!' - Audience Member

'It is touching, full of teenage yearning and discovery'. - A Younger Theatre

'Drag Me to Love is the ultimate feel good experience" - North East Reviews

'It is refreshing to see a drag artist’s vulnerability" - A Younger Theatre


You can find Bonnie and The Bonnettes here


Twitter: @BonnieBonnettes

Past Production Images

Drag Me to Love