Lil's husband Lem has lost himself in Gulliver's Travels, and now she has a mission of mercy to perform. No matter what the cost she must find a way to drag this broken man out of his fantasy. She must find a way to bring him home. Raging, tragic and magical, Gulliver Returns rips up Swift's savage masterpiece to explore the strange places we go to when our world is split apart. It's the story of a grieving couple trying to put themselves back together in a world that's tearing itself to pieces. 
'A group of theatre-makers to watch out for.'  The Stage

Dates and Times

Tuesday 25 September, 7.45pm


£11 (£9 under 26)

Dawn State Theatre Company

Dawn State makes dynamic new work inspired by classic texts and forgotten stories; connecting the past and the present to create theatre that's urgent, passionate and timeless.