Jenny’s a vicar. But she’s got problems. Her creepy ex-husband keeps sending her flowers and won’t sign the divorce papers. The church hall is being renovated by a dodgy builder, who’s being investigated by the police. And her best friend Danny has turned up in the vestry with a gun.

Danny has anger issues. He’s just had a fight with his best mate Benson. They’re in too deep and running out of options. So when he turns to the church Jenny has to choose between doing the right thing or doing the legal thing.

A bold and exhilarating tale of contemporary Britain, If I Say Jump is a show for anyone who has ever asked themselves “why did I just do that?”. Set against the background of a depressed ex-mining village, the show covers issues of mental health, violence and doing the right thing in impossible circumstances.

Date and Time

Wednesday 28 March, 7.45pm


£10.50 (£9 under 26)


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If I Say Jump