Led by the National Theatre in partnership with Cast, the CPD will be an enjoyable and practical way for teachers to understand the professional theatre making process, and explore ways to translate that into the primary school setting. Teachers will work with professional directors, musicians and theatre makers to discover how to create an outstanding school play and lead a production process that inspires and involves both teachers and pupils. 

The CPD will cover topics such as:

  • Planning and preparing for a rehearsal process
  • Running effective rehearsals
  • Theatrical languages: thinking outside the box about how to tell a story on stage
  • Staging techniques
  • Simple but effective design
  • Music and voice

This CPD is being delivered as part of the National Theatre's first national programme for primary schools - Let's Play.  Let’s Play is an ambitious creative learning programme that has the potential to transform theatre-making in primary schools.  The programme will inspire children across the UK, and encourage schools to position theatre making at the heart of how they facilitate learning, creativity and play.  

The programme commissions new plays for children to perform and supports teachers in leading classes of children aged between 4 and 11 years old through an exciting theatre-making process, inspiring learning across the curriculum and involving the children in all aspects of creating a production.

We are extending the CPD invitation to schools across Doncaster who may wish to experience a taster of the Let’s Play programme.  However, attending the CPD does not require you to sign up to the full programme. 

For more information or to book please email [email protected]