Climate change is massive. Bees aren’t.

Our fuzzy little friends need our help and so we’re launching a political party disguised as a party party disguised as a show. Multi award-winning theatre company, ThisEgg, invites you to save the world - one bee at a time. A new comedy for children and adults alike. Plant the seed for change, join the Bee Party!

Recent media attention given to the plight of bees sparked conversations about how we can make a show to do more to help. Albert Einstein said that without the bees, humans have 4 years left to live. We rely on bees to pollinate 1/3 of the crops we use as food. This show is just as much about humans as it is about bees, but bees are a good start. We think this show is important in raising awareness not only about bees, but learning about their effect on our own ecosystem, learning how to care of the smaller things, learning about cause and effect, and learning how to respect the planet we live on, before it’s too late.

Age recommendation 5+

Date and Times

Friday 6 April, 2pm & 4pm


£9 (£5.50 child)

Me and my Bee