Set in the 1980s in The Palace Theatre, an old victorian theatre that is struggling to fit into a modern world, Penelope Hamilton, a successful business woman with a love of anything theatrical, has just bought the theatre and has big plans on how to make it a success.

Unfortunately, unbeknown to her the theatre owes a large; amount of money to Maxine Denver, a very wealthy, hard faced woman who hates theatre, and plans on closing it down and opening a multiplex cinema. As the plot unfolds we begin to understand why Maxine feels so strongly about theatre and why she has forbidden her daughter, Alexis, from becoming an actress.

Luckily for everyone the Phantom is there to offer spiritual guidance...

A light hearted play, with comedy moments and music from both the 1980s and musical theatre. By local talent Ha Ha Stage Productions Adapted from the novel by Gaston Leroux Written and Directed by Helen Evans

Dates and Times

Saturday 26 May, 7pm


£8 (£6 concessions)

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