From the perpetrators of Boris the Musical! comes a new satirical, songtastic extravaganza!

2020. Time to make Donald Great Again! But will Putin work his cyber magic once more? And can King Nigel Farage the First of England get his trade deal?

Join Blowfish Theatre for an evening of raucous comedy, original music and one truly awful wig. Trump the Musical is the show that proves just because the world’s being run by a power-crazed narcissist who will bomb us all to hell, it doesn’t mean we can’t enjoy it while it lasts.

Dates and Times

Thursday 15 - Saturday 17 February, 7.45pm


£12 (£10 under 26)

Praise for past work

★★★★ “Sets out in the best satirical traditions of ​That Was The Week That Was
​and ​The Frost Report​. Whilst it has some painful messages to deliver, it does with
unapologetic irreverence." - Musical Theatre Review

★★★★ “Pacy, irreverent, rude and very funny”

The Reviews Hub

“Satire as it should be.”