Shut Up, I’m Dreaming 2023 Secondary Schools Tour

In 2023, the National Theatre are working with physical ensemble theatre company The PappyShow to tour their first fully devised production into schools. Directed by Kane Husbands, Shut Up, I’m Dreaming is based on the views, ideas and experiences of teenagers across England. This week the show visits:


  • McAuley Catholic High School
  • Doncaster College
  • Outwood Academy Adwick.


Throughout 2022, artists from The PappyShow spent time with 100 students across three schools in Sunderland, Wakefield and Walsall to have conversations about dreams and ambition in an uncertain world. Shut Up, I’m Dreaming leans into the hopes and feelings we hold, and those we are forced to squash. Full of laughter, joy, grief and silliness, this is The PappyShow’s love letter to a new generation. The cast includes Joseph Adelakun, Marc Benga, Jeff D'Sangalang, Jake Garvey, Lewis Griffin, Rachel-Leah Hosker, Rianna Kellman, Bianca Stephens, Molly Walker, and Seda Yildiz.


As well as Doncaster, the show will tour to 55 schools in 11 other Theatre Nation Partnership areas. Theatre Nation Partnerships is a collaborative network of arts organisations aiming to strengthen their relationships with local audiences, schools and communities.


Convened by the National Theatre, the network is made up of theatres and creative organisations in 13 priority areas of England, of which Cast is a proud partner. Across the next three years the NT will focus on welcoming new audiences for theatre and creating more opportunities for people to engage, supporting long-term health of local theatre audiences.


Check out Cast’s upcoming show The Odyssey: The Cyclops, coming to our Main Space 15-16 April, which is created in partnership with the NT as part of their Public Acts programme.