Thank you for bearing with us while we’ve been taking steps to close our spaces to the public and hold a temporary postponement period for all events within the next six weeks.

The last few days have hit us like a bolt out of the blue, and we are working very hard to reschedule all events to ensure the best possible outcome for everyone. This will take us a bit of time to organise, but we promise we're working flat out to get it sorted.

We're cracking on with crediting anyone who had tickets for events in the next six weeks. This means we put the value of your tickets back on your Cast booking account. 

Once we have a rescheduled date for the event you booked for, we will automatically move your tickets over, in the same seats as the original date to the rescheduled date.

This will protect customers who have purchased certain seats due to their mobility or access needs. We will contact every customer to make sure they are happy. If you are unable to make the rescheduled date, we ask that you use your credit towards another production in the future (like Aladdin). You way wish to request a refund at this time, and we will work through that process with you. Again this may take some time, due to the volume of transactions we will be processing.

If your event cannot be postponed and it is cancelled indefinitely, we'd kindly ask that you keep that credit for a future event, which will automatically appear in your Cast booking account. If you would like a refund for a cancelled event we will be able to process this in due course, but it will take some time. 

Please note, this process applies to events within the next 6 weeks only and any other known confirmed postponements or cancellations. Any events after 6 weeks, unless we announce otherwise, have not been postponed. 

If you have already contacted refunds@castindoncaster.com your request will be processed in due course in accordance with the detail above. If your ticket is refunded, you will not be able to access priority booking for when the event is rescheduled or automatically have your tickets transferred. 

It’s really important we all stick together as a community throughout this outbreak. Please treat our box office and communications teams working on this process with kindness and respect during this time. 

If we've not been able to answer your questions in this, please get in touch at hello@castindoncaster.com and we'll do our best to help.