World Mental Health Day is coming up!


Meet Harry


Harry the hippocampus hippo is a recent recruit to the Cast team. His job is to be here to help our staff if we are feeling down or stressed. You’ll be seeing more of Harry in the future as he helps to promote the discussion of mental health!


We believe that going to the theatre is important for your mental and physical health, whether it's a trip to the panto or to support a local musician, but there's something so cathartic about seeing a show that discusses mental health outright.


Here's two upcoming shows at Cast that really get to the heart of the subject!


A Super Happy Story (About Feeling Super Sad)  - Wednesday 10 October, 7.45pm


Sally’s a happy person. She doesn’t let little things get her down and almost never cries. But she’s got an illness. It makes her feel like she isn’t the person she wants to be, but she doesn’t want anyone to know about it.

Prepare for a hilarious cabaret musical about depression that explains how it’s OK to not be OK.

£11 (£9 Under 26s)

To book your tickets, click here


Give Me Your Love- Tuesday 16 October, 7.45pm


Give Me Your Love is a short and funny play about a man who cannot cope. He’s too scared to leave the room, or go to Tesco, so he hides inside a cardboard box and fires out one-liners, like bullets. Even if you do go to see this play (and you should) he still won’t come out.

Why? Because Zach has PTSD. It’s a fragile condition, so the company have worked with veterans in the UK, US and Australia, as well as leading academics, to make this show authentic. As soldiers often process their trauma through wit, the show reflects that.

It is ‘seriously funny’. 

£11 (£9 Under 26s)

To book your tickets, click here