Cast is part The Creative and Cultural Strategic Partnership (CCSP) was established in 2015, to enable, convene and connect cultural and artistic products and partners across Doncaster. The CCSP is made up of representatives from business, education, health and cultural sectors. Together they have developed the first Partnership Creative and Culture Strategy for Doncaster.

The Creative and Culture Strategic Partnership’s Vision for Doncaster is as follows:

To see all people who live, work, study and visit Doncaster taking part and enjoying great cultural experiences.

Strategic aims 
In order to make the vision for culture a reality; we have adopted the following strategic aims;

  1. To raise the profile of Doncaster through arts, creativity, heritage and culture.
  2. To encourage people from all sections of the communities across Doncaster to access and take part in creative and cultural activities.
  3. To see all children and young people and their families take part in and enjoy great cultural experiences across Doncaster.
  4. To use culture, creatives and creativity to drive inclusive growth in Doncaster, reflecting the diversity of its people.

By adopting this vision and strategic aims, there will be:

  • An increased awareness and understanding of cultural organisations, attractions, opportunities events and activities amongst Doncaster residents and tourists.  
  • An enhanced reputation and profile of the borough as a creative, inspiring and attractive place to live, work, study and visit, building pride of place in Doncaster. 
  • A collective approach taken by residents, businesses, the council, community groups and educators to celebrate and embrace culture in Doncaster.
  • A culture in the borough which respects promotes and is mindful of, the diverse forms of cultural identity across the borough which is open and inclusive.
  • Local people participating in cultural activities that will help to improve residents’ health and general wellbeing, as well as improve self-confidence and skills development.
  • A well connected amateur and voluntary arts sector that works with professional artists to create great cultural experiences in Doncaster.
  • Stronger links between schools and the creative sector to help raise attainment in schools and engage children and their families in cultural activities, both in and out of school time.
  • Children and young people develop creative and cultural skills and become culture champions in their youth and on into their adult lives.
  • An increased creative economy that will provide more jobs and work experience opportunities for Doncaster residents, demonstrating how culture and creative industries enhance the wider economy in Doncaster.
  • An increased awareness of the impact of culture in Doncaster on communities, children and young people and Health & Wellbeing.


What Next?

There is no central driver for the CEP's work; the agenda is driven by the group itself.  If there is something you think we should be doing that develops Doncaster's cultural offer for children and young people, then please let us know. 

The Doncaster CEP holds 1 full meeting per school term; the next one will be on the 26th January at Doncaster College High Melton Campus, please come and join us.  Please email us if you wish to attend: [email protected] 

Alternatively, sign up to our newsletter to keep up to date with our meetings, activities and events.