The weather is changing..

The weather is changing and it is starting to get colder. It’s time to wrap up warm in your hats, scarfs and gloves so you don’t catch a cold when the kids walk to school.  When it’s home time you all snuggle up in blankets watching your seasonal favourites on the telly.

The coffee shops are adding a seasonal twist..

The coffee shops are adding a seasonal twist to your everyday caffeinated pick me up. The pumpkin spiced latte makes is return to the menu in the coffee shop chains around the town. Something to keep your hands warm as you walk around the shops to find the perfect gift.

The leaves are changing.. 

The leaves are changing from the bright summer green to the golden and red autumnal classic. The winds are picking up, letting nature takes its course as the leaves fall off the tree.  They crunch underneath the feet of the children playing and hiding in the park.

It’s time to pack away the summer clothes..

It’s time to pack away the summer clothes and dig out your favourite cosy knit jumpers. It’s the return of the autumnal colours and the tacky and wacky Christmas jumpers to be stocked on the shelves and worn by millions of people across the country.

It’s time to start planning for the season ahead..

It’s time to start planning for the season ahead, ordering in the Christmas dinner, sorting the present and don’t forget the Christmas pudding! The Brussel sprouts, roast potatoes and cranberry sauce, the classic sides to the compliment the main event. Whichever, meat or vegetarian dish you have on this day, it’s a time to spend with all the family.

And finally pantomime season is almost upon us, the heroine and the bad guys are ready in waiting. It’s time to lock down your tickets and get ready to laugh and boo with the cast of our pantomime, the classic, Beauty and the Beast!

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