Alongside the development of Nocturnes, the theatre company imitating the dog are in the process of developing a
comprehensive Creative Learning programme of workshops, on offer to schools, colleges, universities, youth theatres etc. Workshops are tailored to suit the appropriate age range and skill level, and the content is closely aligned to the themes and technology in Nocturnes.
Workshops can be delivered at the Cast, space permitting, or in school/college.

More information on imitating the dog’s work with young people is here

Creative Learning Programme: imitating the dog:


While Imitating the dog's new touring show 'Nocturnes' continues to investigate the psychology of post war Europe, it is also a response to the extraordinary socio-political times we live in. In particular, it asks how, in this world of easy access digital information, we know what we know, and how much of what we think we know is actually true. Using the frame of the classic cold war spy thriller, and a classic plot device based on betrayal, what unfolds is a story and a stage space in which nothing is quite what is seems.

In parallel with the touring show ITD is developing a bespoke Creative Learning Programme, which aims to explore the related idea of truth or 'post truth' in the digital age. The proposed workshops and residencies will reflect on contemporary ideas like 'fake news', 'internet memes' and what it means to be a 'digital native', and will examine how easy it is to fake or reproduce digital material. 

The programme will have two main aims, one will be to introduce participants to the technologies we use in making our shows, in this case the live editing of digital film streamed from iPhones (using 2 separate live feeds) and the mixing of images in a live context. The other will be to develop an understanding in participants of how the technological stage set-up acts as a metaphor in its own right, echoing Marshall McLuhan dictum that 'the medium is the message'.

The company will provide all the equipment needed for to deliver the learning programme, which will be available in several iterations of varying timescales and degrees of sophistication. It will be specifically designed for young people in schools, youth clubs and universities and colleges.

The programme is aimed at participants at Key Stage 4, Key Stage 5 and in Universities at students at levels 1,2,3. The offer at Key Stage 4 will focus on camera-phone technologies and the question of the deceiving image; Key Stage 5 will focus on camera-phone technologies utilising the moving image and sound to explore the idea of mixing realities. Levels 1, 2, 3, at Universities will explore the company’s devising processes and introduce projection technologies to explore the notion of the deceiving image and the concept of a mixed reality (a reality constructed from mixing existing media and information).

The objectives of the workshops are to introduce young people to the creative processes of ITD; to allow young people to creatively work with technologies that they use in their everyday lives; to introduce young people to scenic approaches that can incorporate everyday technologies in a creative process and in their theatre making practice; to introduce young people to critical and creative frameworks that will allow them to question their consumption and manipulation of information through their use of everyday technologies.

There are a number of proposed outcomes.
1. Making original theatre works on the set of ‘Nocturnes’ using phone technologies and the technologies on the set.
2. Making short original digital works using phone technologies.
3. Introducing participants to the company’s making processes.
4. Giving participants skills to make their own creative practice
5. Giving participants skills to critically engage with the challenges of information exchange and information manipulation in the digital age.

If you are interested in booking a Nocturnes workshop, please contact for further details, or Morven Macbeth,