Move the World: A new Primary Dance Festival for schools in the Doncaster borough.

Move the World is a festival led by Cast and Active Fusion and will take place in Summer 2018, leading to a celebration event at Cast on Thursday 12th July 2018. 

Involvement will include:

  • Teachers’ CPD in international Dance styles and training in the Discover Arts Award
  • A series of in school dance workshops led by skilled dance practitioners.  Each school will specialise on a Dance from a different country, and create a short performance to feature as part of the celebration event.
  • The opportunity for pupils to achieve their Discover Arts Award, supported by the lead organisations.
  • Involvement in a celebration day at Cast on 12 July 2018.

Cast and Active Fusion will work together to create a Primary Dance Festival. Doncaster Primary Schools, will experience international dance taught by professional artists, within their settings. This will include: 5 in school dance sessions, a multi-cultural dance CPD day, and participation in a and exciting, vibrant, international dance festival at Cast. 

In addition to this, each school will be offered the opportunity for their classes to achieve their Discover Arts Award. 

For more information download the full project brief below or contact Active Fusion’s Dance Development Officer, Sarah Belk on [email protected]