Give Me Your Love

Give Me Your Love
Welcome to the world of war veteran Zach. As the last man standing, Zach has retreated into a tiny dugout under a barrage of hostile fire. His enemies are cunning, using every trick in the book to mess with his mind.
Give Me Your Love is a short and funny play about a man who cannot cope. He’s too scared to leave the room, or go to Tesco, so he hides inside a cardboard box and fires out one-liners, like bullets. Even if you do go to see this play (and you should) he still won’t come out.
Why? Because Zach has PTSD. It’s a fragile condition, so the company have worked with veterans in the UK, US and Australia, as well as leading academics, to make this show authentic. As soldiers often process their trauma through wit, our show reflects that. It is ‘seriously funny’. 
The play investigates the real-life research project of giving veterans Ecstasy to liberate their healing. It makes for thrilling drama with a palpable sense of tension. It is such a visceral experience that audience members have been known to snort with laughter in order to break it. The show is a wonderful way to find out about this fascinating condition in a safe and warm environment. It is what theatre is for.
The TV series Bodyguard brilliantly showed that PTSD is a fine subject for drama. That’s what we do, on a stage.
Ridiculusmus are a world-class, multi award-winning company, who have been touring the globe for quarter of a century. The play has received many glowing reviews. It's a stunning show, a glorious hour. What’s not to like?
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Second Space


16 October


£11 (£9 Under 26s)

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