On the High Road

On the High Road
The stark monochrome design, kaleidoscopic movement and exhilarating music conjures a feverish end of epoch atmosphere. At once dance, theatre and gig – On The High Road’s turbulent blend of movement and music defies categorisation.
A  group of people find themselves caught in a terrible storm on the High Road. Whether old or young, pilgrim or party-goer, they must all seek refuge under the same roof. As the night draws in, they dream, pray, dance, party and fight – waiting for the dawn to come.

The central image of the show is taken from a Chekhov short play called On The High Road. Ten years later this central image feels even more relevant in a world in which difference and intolerance, displacement, refuge and climate change are omnipresent and we must work out how to live together.

Directed by Suzy Willson, a company of dancers, actors and singers warp time and perspective to create an epic moving sculpture. We watch human beings as if under a microscope, attempting to share space within their homes, cities, states and continents.
Paul Clark’s original score counterpoints wind howls, downpours and thunderclaps with the brilliance of the human voice. Twisted classical textures stumble into drunken bar-room pianos, and mournful songs build to pulsating clubby rhythms. Featuring award-winning Irish folk singer Thomas McCarthy and acclaimed soprano Melanie Pappenheim.
Age recommendation: 14+




'The quality of the performance is astonishing and unforgettable.' The Scotsman on Under Glass

'The music by Paul Clark is achingly divine. Thrilling textures soar high and sweet, or brush against momentary discords.' The Herald Scotland on Silver Swan at Tate Modern

'The beauty of Clod Ensemble’s… piece is that it manages to simultaneously be all about that theatre, all about theatre, all about the individual and all about the human race' Islington Tribune on An Anatomie in Four Quarters


Clod Ensemble

Directed by Suzy Willson
Music by Paul Clark
Design by Sarah Blenkinsop & Kate Lane
Lighting by Hansjörg Schmidt

Photography by Hugo Glendinning



Tags: Drama, Dance, Music, May,


Main Space


08 May


£15.50 (£10 under 26)

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