The Dog Who Could Dig

The Dog Who Could Dig

Cast Second Space (unallocated)

Thu 30 May


Energetic storytelling, bubbles and music!

Join narrator Polly Ives with percussionist Matthew Brett on the marimba for a vibrant reimagining of popular book The Dog Who Could Dig, for children aged 3-7.

"Digger is a very determined dog. He has started looking for the bone that he buried and he just won't stop digging. Deeper and deeper he goes, unearthing all sorts of extraordinary things - an old shoe, a coal-miner, and even an underground train. But he's also getting hungrier and hungrier - will Digger ever find something to chew on for his dinner?"

With original music composed by Paul Rissmann, Concerteenies Musical Stories concerts are a lively mix of stories, image projection and audience participation. They are centred around stunning performances from professional musicians in a relaxed environment.

The Dog Who Could Dig is by Jonathan Long and Korky Paul.  

Start the fun now, learn the songs and actions at  


This Musical Stories project is funded by Arts Council England, Sarah Nulty Power of Music Fund, Sheffield Church Burgesses Trust, Sheffield Grammar School Exhibition Foundation,  Sheffield Town Trust.  


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