Accessible Performances

Our Accessible Performances are designed and adapted for people who may find a traditional theatre performance setting challenging.

If you, or someone you'll be visiting Cast with, has a disability, has additional or complex needs, or struggles with sitting in a regular theatre environment, then one of our Accessible Performance may be beneficial.

If you find the theatre overwhelming, ask us about our late comers booths - you can still watch the performance, but in a more private environment away from the main auditorium.


What Accessible Performances are available at Cast? 

  • Relaxed Performances (RP)
  • Captioned Performances (CAP)
  • Audio Described Performances (AD)
  • BSL Performances (BSL)


What is a Relaxed Performance? 

  • We keep the lights up, so it won't get too dark at any point during the performance
  • We leave space for you to move about
  • We have an open door policy, so you can come and go as you need to
  • We turn the volume down, so there are no loud bangs or flashes of light
  • We will never ask anyone to leave any performance for making involuntary noises, but you may feel more comfortable knowing that you're in a relaxed environment
  • There will always be someone there to help if you need assistance
  • Ask us about our access booths
  • You can still watch the performance, but in a private environment away from the main auditorium


Upcoming Relaxed Performances

  • Beauty & the Beast- Tues 12 Dec, 10am
  • Beauty & the Beast- Weds 27 Dec, 7pm


Upcoming BSL Performances

  • Beauty & The Beast- Fri 1 Dec, 7pm
  • Beauty & The Beast- Sat 2 Dec, 7pm
  • Beauty & The Beast- Sun 10 Dec, 3pm
  • Beauty & The Beast- Fri 15 Dec, 10am
  • Beauty & The Beast- Sat 16 Dec, 7pm
  • Beauty & The Beast- Fri 29 Dec, 7pm
  • Giovanni: Let Me Entertain You- Sat 17 Feb, 2.30pm
  • Footloose- Wed 15 May, 7.15pm
  • Footloose- Sat 18 May, 2.15pm


Upcoming Audio Described Performances 

  • Beauty & The Beast-Sat 9th Dec, 2pm
  • Beauty & The Beast- Sat 23 Dec, 11am

Upcoming Captioned Performances 

  • Beauty & The Beast- Sat 9 Dec, 2pm
  • Do I Love You- Thu 25 Dec, 7.30pm
  • We're Not Going Back- Thu 14 Mar, 7.45pm
  • We're Not Going Back- Fri 15 Mar, 7.45pm 
  • Frankenstein- Thu 28 Mar, 7.30pm
  • Happy Jack- Thu 19 Jun, 7.30pm

If you have any questions about Accessible Performances, or about access at Cast in general, please don't hesitate to get in touch with us at or call 01302 303 959.