Dom Joly - The Conspiracy Tour

Dom Joly - The Conspiracy Tour

Main Space

Tue 29 October


Just because you’re paranoid, doesn’t mean you’re not being followed! 


Dom Joly has been off travelling the globe again. This time, he’s been looking into some of the strangest and weirdest conspiracy theories in existence.  


Now, he’s now set to embark on a rather unique theatre tour, where Dom will be providing a hilarious, fascinating, and slightly anarchic guide to the wacky world of conspiracies. 


1. Is the earth flat? 

2. Does Finland exist? 

3. Did JFK commit suicide? 

4. Are Q Anon mentally ill? 

5. Is Bill Gates using vaccines to take control of your mind? 

6. Is Denver Airport a massive panic room for the Illuminati? 

7. Are UFO’s piloted by lizards? 


In the spirt of fairness, Dom will also be inviting a well-known and highly respected conspiracy theorist, Dr Julian Northcote, to take the stage and defend the alternate view. 


Due to the extremely controversial views aired in the show, security will be at an optimum and audiences are warned that angry demonstrations are very likely – or is that just another conspiracy?! 


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