Talent Development

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There are three strands to Cast’s strategy for developing and nurturing professional creative talent.

Research and Development Space

Our building is open as a creative centre for artists to develop and create new work. We support a range of residencies throughout the year, available to not-for-profit practitioners working in the performing arts at all career stages. R&D periods will usually be for up to one week, but sometimes for extended periods, in Cast’s welcoming rehearsal spaces. For any R&D space please get in touch with Associate Producer rosie@castindoncaster.com

Production Support

Production Support is open to artists looking to realise projects and productions that will be premiered or seen at Cast. As part of a developing relationship with Cast, artists can benefit from a range of existing in-house resources through a programme of bespoke support.

Associate Artists

Associate Artists are fixed-term relationships (of between 1-5 years) with Cast which can include production support, extended opportunities for R&D, brand endorsement, advocacy, access to mentoring and advice from Cast staff and assistance with strategic planning or company development.

Cast is committed to supporting creative talent. If you’d like to start a relationship with Cast or find out more about our Talent Development opportunities, get in touch: Associate Producer Rosie Clark at rosie@castindoncaster.com or call 01302 303 950.

Slate - Supporting Black International Artists

Cast supports Slate – a new international programme, starting in the North of England, that will support thousands of Black Independent Artists by increasing access to local, national and international networks. For more information, please visit Eclipse Theatre.