Speak Up

Speak Up is a secondary school programme with a difference. Young people, teachers and artists are equal partners, and work collaboratively with local arts organisations and the National Theatre to create artworks and creative work that respond to issues that are important to them. 

Developed for young people whose voices are not always heard, bespoke activity is co-created with each school and its students. 

  • Young people are supported and nurtured to become the leaders of the future, by putting them at the heart of the creative process and decision making. 
  • Teachers are able to actively find ways that Speak Up can shape and impact the culture of their school. 
  • Artists have the freedom to collaboratively and equitably make work without any predetermined outcomes.  
  • Arts organisations can meaningfully shape how those with less power can have genuine agency within their organisations. 


Over the course of this three year project, Speak Up will engage with 140,000 young people in 55 selected secondary schools across 11 areas of England. Schools are selected via invitation from the Theatre Nation Partnership (TNP) venues and the National Theatre. Five Doncaster schools are involved in Speak Up. These are Don Valley Academy, The McAuley Catholic High School, De Warenne Academy, Hall Cross Academy and Doncaster School for the Deaf


Click here to view "The Story of Speak Up" comic book.