Oldilocks and the 3 Bears

Oldilocks and the 3 Bears

Cast Second Space (unallocated)

Wed 30 October - Wed 30 October

1.00PM - 3.00PM

One winter, Oldilocks finds a teddy bear in the park and remembers a delicious bowl of porridge she tasted years ago in the woods. Something else happened but she can’t quite remember what… so she sets off for the forest. Will she find the bears house and what will happen then?

A wonderfully funny and warm-hearted celebration of the classic story, starring a naughty old lady who looks very familiar… and 3 funny bears who love their breakfast.

Garlic Theatre hold their young audience spellbound with lovingly crafted puppets, music and some steaming bowls of porridge.

For ages 3 to 7 years.


Devised and designed by Garlic Theatre

Performer: Iklooshar Malara

Director: Steve Tiplady

Puppetry Director: Mark Pitman and Liz Walker

Music: Iklooshar Malara

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