Cast Young Writers' Club Showcase

Between January and March, Cast's Young Writers' Club, young people all aged 8-21, worked with professional playwrights in weekly online writing sessions to develop their writing skills and produce a short script with the aim of seeing it be directed and performed by South Yorkshire artists on one of Cast's stages.

Their work was streamed live in an online showcase on Thursday 18th March 2021. 


Cast Young Writers' Club- 8-14 Group



Director: Sarah Clough
Head Writer: Henry Raby
Emerging Writers: Tommi Bryson (11 – 14) Nicole Joseph (8 – 11)
Performers: Sarah Clough, Catherine Copley, Nicola Doyle, Jowanna Rose, Tom Tunstall, Pete Williamson

Young Writers:
Gwen- The Tomb Builders
Belle- Lost in the City
Jessica- The Interview
Emily- On the Walk
Esmay-The Impossible
Ruby- We’ll Meet Again
Verity & Ruby- Lost in the Woods
Rhiannon- The Parcel


Cast Young Writers' Club- 14-21 Group


Director: Keeley Lane
Head Writer: Henry Raby
Emerging Writer: Lulia Togara
Performers: Catherine Copley, Keeley Lane, Dean Love, Elizabeth Robin, Jowanna Rose, Tom Tunstall, Pete Williamson

Young Writers:
John- The Waiting Room
Erin- Late
Emma- Everyday
Evie- My Sister
Shelbie- Butterfly Effect
Lilly- Half Past 5
Imogen- Moments Away
Amelia- Time