Cast's Head of Marketing and Communications Sian Booth bares all she gets Beach Body Ready with the Roaring Girls. 

Last night I had the privilege of watching Beach Body Ready by the tenacious Roaring Girls at Hull Truck Theatre.

As the newly appointed Chair of the Board for The Roaring Girls, I looked forward to representing the company with pride that evening.

A reassuringly sold out performance, the audience’s energy before the show was set to a warm anticipation.

A conversation in self-worth, Beach Body Ready is a taboo-busting joy-fest which shares what is typically kept between you, the mirror and the voice inside your head. A quietly personal and loudly triumphant celebration of modern womanhood and beauty.

And apart from a questionable recipe for lasagne featuring a salt and vinegar crisp topping - it was bloody brilliant.



Audience and performers were united in spontaneous un-prompted umhums of recognition, tuts of disbelief and cries of solidarity. We (and I) felt seen.

Those painful situations of utter self-shame. The worthless way I feel comparing myself to other women of conventional femininity. The off-hand comments of others that reduce me to the smallest version of myself.

Their own autobiographical versions of these moments were shared so generously with all the warmth, charm, wit and self-assurance characterised by women charged with addressing an urgent epidemic of low self-esteem.

This morning I woke up still turning over the thoughts from the night before. I grabbed a frantic shower and threw on the only clean item of clothing in sight - the Roaring Girls t-shirt I'd bought the night before.

Fierce. Feminist. Fun.

I stood looking at myself in the mirror. Without makeup, wet hair and tired eyes which showed all too clearly that this was a woman who'd been up since 4.30am with a crying toddler.

I re-read the words on the shirt and drew a little strength from the women I witness last night. I stood a little taller, and a little prouder, picked up my son and set off for work.

Beach Body Ready tours to Cast’s Second Space Wednesday 22 April, 7.15pm