Professional actor Terence Rae joins Doncaster community company in production of The Cyclops

Following the enormous success of The Doncastrian Chalk Circle last August, Doncaster's talented community performers are reuniting in a new and exciting production. The Cyclops, written by Tajinder Singh Hayer and directed by Madeleine O'Reilly, is the second episode in an epic retelling of the adventures of Odysseus and their journey home after the Trojan War. Marking the fifth anniversary of the National Theatre's Public Acts programme, The Odyssey will be told in five parts by hundreds of community members across England in spring 2023. 


This time, our Doncaster company are joined by professional actor Terence Rae!


Terence trained at the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland and has worked with a range of companies in varying mediums throughout the UK. He has a keen interest in the retelling of classic stories, from  Shakespeare to the Greeks, making The Cyclops a particularly exciting project for him. During the pandemic Terence developed a passion for music; working with a loop pedal, beatboxing and vocals he has found new ways to create and express himself. 


"I’m so tremendously proud to be a part of The Cyclops. Working with the National Theatre’s Public Acts and the incredible talent at Cast is an absolute pleasure. Seeing the energy and enthusiasm brought to every rehearsal from our community in Doncaster is continuously inspiring. Using their combined care and skill, Madeleine and associate director Eleanor have created such a collaborative rehearsal room, allowing the talents of our community to shine brightly and for us to have true ownership of the ambitious story we are telling.

The work done by Cast for the people of Doncaster is absolutely astounding, a true creative hub; nurturing new talent and encouraging an inclusive and supportive environment to all who walk through their doors. It’s always a pleasure to return! To play a small role in such a partnership between Cast and the National Theatre is both humbling and invigorating, and the experience of working with our community company to create something truly meaningful will most definitely remain a personal highlight of my career."


Terence's theatre credits include: Harry Wattie in A War Of Two Halves (Edinburgh Fringe Festival); Fire Apprentice in All the Joy That You Can Wish, Snowman in 59 Minutes To Save Christmas, and Imagineer in The Magician (Slung Low); Tim in A Town Called Christmas and Pinki/Sprout in The Revengers/The Princess and the Sprout (Wrongsemble); Trevor in The Sensational Emmet Bradshaw and Trevor (Art at the Arms); Romeo in Romeo And Juliet (Bard in the Botanics); Malvolio, Macbeth and Mark Anthony in Midsummer Night’s Showcase (Front Room Productions); Bo in Birds Nest Billy (Fidget Theatre); Tabby McTat in Tabby McTat (Freckle Productions); Gregor in Walk A Mile and Tuzenbach in Three Sisters (Cumbernauld Theatre). 


Terence has recently filmed Black Dog for Atheneum Productions and 27 Ten Productions.  


His radio credits include: Black Holes and Hot Chocolate (BBC Radio); Silenced Percussion, Out On Top and Nowhere (Slung Low).


The Cyclops is being shared in Doncaster as part of Cast’s tenth birthday year and will be performed on Cast's Main Stage on 15 & 16 April 2023.