The Royal Opera House

In 2019 Doncaster welcomed a new bold and ambitious partnership with the world renowned Royal Opera House, and in particular their national learning programme

Deborah Rees, Director for Cast said:
‘This partnership marks a shared ambition for culture in Doncaster to inspire a generation. Culture should be an essential part of every childhood, so to see every school participate and enjoy in this fantastic cultural experience is a great step forward in our collective responsibility to help our children thrive.’

Through the National Learning Programme, the Royal Opera House will work with every school in Doncaster over three years, this will include CPD and performance opportunities, the chance to work with artists who are at the top of their profession, and opportunities for children, young people and schools to watch the best ballet and opera in the world!

Alongside this, The Royal Ballet will perform a gala at Cast, and the ROH’s popular Chance to Dance talent development programme.  Chance to Dance will give primary school children from across the borough who do not have access to ballet in areas facing numerous disadvantages their first opportunity to engage creatively with ballet, connecting closely with the inspirational repertory, choreographers and dancers of The Royal Ballet.


Already the partnership has enabled over 50 schools across Doncaster to improve their dance and design provision and confidence through the Create and Dance and Design and Create programmes, and delivered a fantastic digital project over the Summer of 2020 through Doncaster Dances working with people of all ages and backgrounds across Doncaster, and professional Royal Opera House Dances to create a piece of digital dance theatre that has been watched by people across the world!

Doncaster schools can get involved now through:


  • Create and Dance Refresher Training
  • Create and Dance CPD
  • Create and Sing CPD and Creative Project


Extensive and High Quality Learning Resources available through the national learning programme.

If you have already been a part of the programme, we would love to hear about your experiences! Email:


Some feedback on the programme:

"Yes, yes, yes! We loved it. Lots of positive outcomes from the project... Lots of happy smiling faces, lots of conversation afterwards as to how much they enjoyed this, lots of participation. Eager to see the finished product." Wellbeing Manager at Charles Court care home

"Students were very engaged in all aspects but especially the creative side of the project where we saw a rise in confidence, there was great range and scope for them to express themselves... working together on this gave them a sense of teamwork and lifted their spirits. It was fantastic to see them so engaged and excited about their dancing again."

Principal, Arabesque Dance School Feedback from individual participants:

"I enjoyed the whole project especially the online classes with Charlotte and David. It was good fun and felt quite special being taught by dancers from the Royal Ballet."

"It was good socially as a group of us chatted to each other on WhatsApp and for most of us we had a socially distanced meeting in our garden, this being the first time to be out visiting someone since lockdown." Participant